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Veneers Sheet

Ply Studio Veneers, is an exclusive range of stylish veneers designed on a natural timber base. They are available in unlimited numbers of group match and are elegantly crafted to bring harmony of patterns into your home and office interiors, maintaining synergies across large projects. Based on the latest international trends and tastes, Veneers are available in over 100 designs. Each design will leave an indelible mark on your interiors, making them more beautiful and artistic than ever. Ply Studio also offers a value addition in this range with the extremely versatile range of Flexa Veneers. Flexa Veneers come with a fleece backing and will surprise you with their unbelievable flexibility to adapt to the shapes of your curved furniture. Available in any of the 100 designs of Veneers, a whole new range awaits you.veneers are a natural alternative to walnut, Sukupira, Ebony, Wenge and other expensive natural veneers which come in exotic dark shades that are much in vogue today. These forest inspired captivating variants are available in light, medium and dark shades, with linear, flowery, exotic and Mix & Match grain patterns.